June 14, 2006


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The New York Scooter Club’s mission is to help New York-area scooter owners and enthusiasts share information, socialize, and plan group scooter rides and other events. We run the New York Scooter Forum and help sponsor the annual New York Scooter BlockParty and other local happenings.

Our motto is: “If you have a Scooter, you’re in the Club!”

We’re not a scooter club in the traditional sense; everyone is welcome at our events. Our members ride all makes and models of scooters, modern and vintage.

New Monkey Shot

To see what we’re up to, visit the New York Scooter Forum, where our members plan rides, get-togethers and talk all things scooter-related (and not so scooter-related). ;-)

We hope to see you out on the road soon!

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